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September 2006
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Leanne [userpic]
Eder Saygah

First impressions of Eder Saygah:

• Completely dark. No sun, no moon, no stars. Perhaps it's night? (We can hope, at least.)
• Slightly cold, somewhat humid.
• KI can call out from Eder Saygah, but not into it. Unclear how it functions within the Age -- we need to test that.
• Linking in places you on a tall square platform. The platform is made of square stone blocks. Their material is similar to a cross between cinderblock and lava.
• The platform is high up. There appear to be bushy plants below it, just at the edge of flashlight range. Unclear what kind of plants they are from this range. (Possibly thorny?) There is no railing on the platform.
• Damaged/aged staircase leading down from platform on one side (material unknown at the moment). It leads straight down and does not wrap around the platform. The steps are sloped and damaged -- it will be a risky walk down. There is no railing on the staircase either.
• No wind up where we are, but there is the sound of wind down below us.

My thoughts:
• There doesn't seem to be a visible Maintainer's beacon here, but that doesn't mean there isn't one somewhere around. I suspect this Age is not currently Maintained, though, given the state of the KI. (Generally, the KI lattice tends to break down in unmaintained areas.)
• It's pretty unusual for an Age to be entirely dark. There are no obvious lights on the platform. That could mean a number of things ... perhaps the lights were taken or broken? Or perhaps the platform was only intended for daytime use?
• If it doesn't get light within ... 48 hours? ... we should probably link back and see about getting some floodlights hauled in. It could be a long diurnal cycle here ... we can at least get a guess as to whether or not there is regular light by looking at the plants once we get closer to them.

It was fuuuuuuuuny!

ive made my LJ community (Slavic Myst portal) in the same colours as you did!!!

i was surprised!

lets be friends!

Re: It was fuuuuuuuuny!

Hi bogdahn!

book_of_tauri is a community we put together for our local Myst-themed RPG, to keep track of all the stuff that is detaily-bits. ^_^ We took a break from it for a while, which is why there aren't a whole lot of posts, and we just started up again last week.

You're welcome to hang out and read! ^_^