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September 2006
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Leanne [userpic]
Big Pile o' KI images

Welcome to my Relto!

I must admit I'm excessively proud of my pool.

And here is my bookshelf. Gahreesen is the brown book on the left with the book and eye image.

And here we are in Gahreesen.

That sniper position. Wave to the BlackHawk guy who's gotta sit up there and check our badges.

The KI machine:

Back to Relto ... look, Ma, no pool!

This is where we arrived in Bevin. Up above on that balcony is where the BlackHawk Security guys generally hang out.

This is directly behind where you arrive. The telescope looks out into the rest of the Cavern. The imager is to the left, and the arrival board (now complete with governmental encryption *sigh*) is on the right.

This hallway leads to a bridge, past which is the Book Room and the classroom.

Here's the bridge. The classroom is the door on the left, and the round area on the right is the Book Room. The center door is still locked. q:

The Book Room. The gizmo on the left of the book is what you place your KI into, to gain access to Bevin from the Nexus.

The classroom itself. Some of the Age books are stored here, including the one for Eder Saygah.

So there ya have it. Let me know if you want more pictures. I found a spot to take a good screengrab of the KI, if you want a close look at it. I'm not sure I can take it *with* the KI, though. (Requires going back to Ahnonay ... mrrrph. And probably getting wet again. Good ol' soggy Ahnonay.)